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Members come to the farm once a week and pick up their vegetables.

Most vegetables are already picked and rinsed. Peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers are picked by the members in the pick your own garden. If the boxed and ready add on is purchased everything is picked and packed for you.

The day you pick up can change week to week. We use a member list to keep track of who has come.

If you personally can not pick up your vegetables please send someone else. We are not able to "double up" pick ups if you miss one.

Pick Ups continue into the last week of September.

                 CSA Pick up Hours :

                Tuesday - Friday 10:00a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

               Saturday - 10:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

                CSA Closed Sunday & Monday


We offer 3 levels of Membership - Individual, Couple & Family



Type           2018 Season Cost     Suitability           Payment

Individual *  $242.05 online        1 Person               Full             (cash/check $235.00)                                                    

Couple       $ 406.85 online          2 adults who are          Full             (cash/check $395.00)                                                moderate vegetable eaters

Family     $ 566.50 online   2 adults with 2-3 children     Full/2       (cash/check $550.00)                                                     or 2 vegetarians                                    

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        * Individual members choose 5 items from the 7 - 10 items available for pick up. An example would be (1) 1 head of lettuce, (2) 2 lbs. of zucchini (3) 2 cukes (4) 1 lb. of beans from pyo garden (5) 2 lbs. of tomatoes

       Couple and Family members receive all vegetable items available at pick up.  Usually 7 - 10 items.                                  


Members select the rinsed vegetables from the farm stand and also pick from the PYO garden. Weekly limits for vegetables apply according to the harvest and the level of membership.

 Please Note - We do not grow sweet corn or broccoli.


      Membership Add - Ons

 Boxed & Ready - additional $36.05 online (cash/ck $35) - We will box the items from the farm stand and also pick the pyo items for you and have them ready when you arrive. We try to keep one box of each level ready to go. Please note.. B/R does not work well with the Individual size membership.

Pick Your Own Flowers - additional $46.35 online (cash/ck. $45) - Hugely popular part of the farm. Starting in July members with this add on are able to pick a bouquet of flowers out of our flower garden. Please bring your own clippers and a container. This is only available to CSA members.


  Print Membership Form 2019 and pay by check

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